Sunset Solutions Landscaping
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Professional Landscaping Services

Sunset Solutions Landscaping has been providing landscaping services to the customers in Lakeside and the surrounding area since 2005. We offer high-quality residential and commercial landscape maintenance programs, synthetic turf installation, artificial turf installation, landscape installs and much more. Our business model and strategic planning efforts allow us to provide professional solutions for your landscaping needs.

We offer a wide variety of landscape services with the result the same “Our customers receive unmatched services and prices that our competitors cannot offer".

We offer a wide variety of landscape services; with unmatched prices that our competitors cannot offer. From commercial to residential services, every customer deserves a landscape contractor that STRIVES FOR SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Give us a call today at (619) 383-2120 for more information about our services.

Contractor License # 1021403

Our Core Values:

  • Leadership – Inspiring one another to achieve our company vision by demonstrating dedication, initiative and direction while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Teamwork – Creating great work relationships and a productive work environment through respect, appreciation and open communication.
  • Quality – Committing to the highest standards of excellence in all phases of our company by always using quality materials, demonstrating professionalism, providing the best service and focusing on safety.
  • Client Relationships – Maintaining open and active relationships with our clients to provide the best service.
  • Safety – is the number one concern for Sunset Solutions Landscaping. Our safety training program is in place to minimize any individual getting hurt by encouraging and promoting a safe work environment

We Provide:

  • Synthetic Turf Installation
  • Artificial turf Installation
  • Fake Turf Installation
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscape Construction 
  • Water Management 
  • Efficient Irrigation System
  • XERI-SCAPE: Drought Tolerant and Native Landscapes
  • Consultation and Troubleshooting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fire Control: Weed and Brush Clearing
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup
  • Selective Pruning
  • Weed Control and Removal
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Mulching and Composting
  • Hardscape